Industrial Square

Industrial Square

Industrial Square

Kalyvia Thorikou, Eastern Attica

For Sale


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Industrial Square



Thesi Riza Giakoy, Kalivia Thorikou, Markopoulo, Eastern Attica

Commercial property for rent in Attica. The exuberant building consists of unified ground spaces, total area of ​​2.740 sq.m., within 10.000 sq.m. plot. Available for sale as a partially leased building.


Choose to buy the ideal commercial property for your business to grow.

Functional and highly versatile warehouse, suited to storage and distribution, training and workshop uses. Its premises make it suitable for warehouses of all types of company, as well as factories and industries.


  • Plot of 10.000 sq.m.
  • Guest guard house.
  • Open parking.
  • Multiple inlets for loading and unloading.
  • Office buildings.
  • Drilling license.
  • Height 3.5 m.
  • Open Spaces.


  • Afar from a residential area.
  • Ideal for storage & production use.

Access to

  • 300 m from Markopoulou – Lavriou Avenue.
  • 2 km from Attiki Odos.
  • 2 km from the center of Kalyvia

Floor Plan

Industrial Square

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